Art Market Budapest 2023

Venue: Bálna Budapest
Date: Oct 19 – 22, 2023

acb Gallery | booth G307

Exhibiting artists:

Imre BAK | Róbert BATYKÓ | Agnes DENES | Sári EMBER | Ágnes EPERJESI  | Ferenc FICZEK | Andrea Éva GYŐRI | Zsófia KERESZTES | Károly KISMÁNYOKY | Károly KLIMÓ | Katalin LADIK |Jonathan LASKER | Csaba NEMES | Márton NEMES | Sándor PINCZEHELYI  | Anselm REYLE | Selma SELMAN | Endre TÓT | Zsuzsi UJJ

acb Editions:

In 2020 acb Gallery established the brand acb Editions for publishing it’s limited edition artworks, with the aim of providing a wider audience access to works by well-known artists represented by the gallery at affordable prices. The works, which can be purchased for a fraction of the price of unique works, are typically silkscreenprints or new editions photographs organised in folders, or special boxes. At Art Market Budapest, the gallery will be showing acb Editions of the following artists:

Imre BAK | Róbert BATYKÓ |  Katalin LADIK | Endre TÓT | Zsuzsi UJJ

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