In September 2015 acb Gallery has launched its newest department. The activity of our ResearchLab focuses on the research, filling a gap in the reception and publication of Hungarian neo-avant-garde and post-avant-garde oeuvres, with regard to the context of current international discourses. As a subsidiary of acb Gallery, the ResearchLab takes part in the conception and scientific preparation of the Gallery’s exhibitions, and also provides a research background for their realisation. The core activities of the ResearchLab include the serial publication of smaller monographic editions as well as the publication of scientific treatises summarising several years of research.

Alongside the domestic and international representation of contemporary artists, acb Gallery initiates and supports projects that aim to re-think the conventional routines of the art world. Our ambition is to improve the position of contemporary art within the Hungarian cultural scene through these projects.

The gallery’s pursuit is based on a circle of collectors who follow the Hungarian and international contemporary art tendencies and trends and are open to new, forward thinking innovations as well as to non-traditional media.

From 2016 on in our three exhibition spaces – acb Gallery, acb Attachment and acb NA – we can present three exhibitions parallelly. Besides the solo shows of gallery artists group shows also have a great importance in acb Gallery’s program.  Our group shows are often organized by invited curators to embrace or represent a medium, a tendency or a current phenomenon in contemporary art. Our exhibitions are often accompanied by programs such as panel discussions and guided tours as well as printed publications on an artist or a show published by the gallery.

The gallery’s principal pursuit is to link contemporary art with its audience. Our aim is to give a platform to artists for presenting their work in a professionally supported context. The background for this is created by our collaborations with collectors, with professional partners and with the wider audinece.

Founded in 2003 acb Gallery’s mission is to represent contemporary art and Hungarian neo-avantgarde art, both in the Hungarian and in the international scene. The various generations of artists represented by the gallery share the characteristics of conceptual principles, regardless of the media they work in.