Ferenc Ficzek

About the artist

“With light, I can come round the object in front of me, but its dimensions, revealing themselves through movement, are transitional, continuous and intangible. With the help of light projection, I can record these transitional dimensions, I can project them onto each other and I can connect these light profiles or shadow profiles with seemingly no image with my imagination. The mystical and often incomprehensible light section of the object originates from the object and the lighting device, which refers, in this form, to a sort of situation constructed in advance. The plastic reality, the light-shadow reality of the projection on the transparent discs fostered the observation and the description of the endless line of unknown visual effects and opened up the endless possibility of shaping/framing before me” explained Ferenc Ficzek (1947, Pécs – 1987, Pécs)

Ficzek’s life was short but prolific. Over a decade of his artistic production was associated with the Pécs Workshop, unfolding in the 1969-1980 period. In his practice, he focusesed on the contexts of light and shadow, often using projection and montage in his photos, textural ink spraying in his paintings and enamel pieces, as well as applications in his shaped canvases. In each of his pieces, he studied the changing plastic quality of geometric and organic shapes, and varying light conditions creating the illusion of movement. The use of projection first led him to the moving image in the end of the 70s and then to animation in the early 80s, in a clear intention to summarize the different techniques that were distinctive of his oeuvre.

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