Mladen Miljanović



VIDEOS / INTERVIEWS   55TH VENICE BIENNALE: Mladen Miljanovic "The Garden of Delights" BiH pavilion MUMOK VIDEOS: Mladen Miljanovic "Museum Service" solo show   TEXTS   MICHELA ALESSANDRINI - Michela Alessandrini -  Mladen Miljanović interview GALIT EILAT / ALENKA GREGORIC  - On film "Do You Intend to Lie to Me?"  BOSKO BOSKOVIC  - Gift To His Professor  SARA REISMAN  - At Your Service  BOSKO BOSKOVIC  - Taxi to Berlin - project  EDELBERT KOEB - On "Museum Service" project (MUMOK - Wien)  SONJA BRISKI UZELAC  - Review of Mladen Miljanovic text "In The Service of Art"   TINA LIPSKY  - Conversation between Mladen Miljanovic and Tina Lipsky   NENAD MALESEVIC - What does Mladen Miljanovic do  ZORAN ERIC - From Occupational Therapy to Art Occupations    IVANA UDOVICIC - 

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