Erik Mátrai

About the artist

Erik Mátrai (1977) graduated from the Painting Program of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2004, with a degree project in video installation. As a multimedia artist, he has been active in the genres of video art, photography and installation ever since. While, in recent years, his name has been particularly associated with light art, lumino kinetic art and large-scale installation art, a painterly perspective has remained prominent in his works, realised through various visual art mediums. This is apparent not only in his attention to problems of colour theory and to the relationship between colour and abstraction, but also in his exploration of questions pertaining to the fundamental peculiarities of representative and spatial art, and his reflections on the tradition of art history-iconography. Mátrai’s works centre on the human experience, as well as on the problematics of not only an unfolding – and establishable – relationship between the human and the transcendent, but also the connections between perception and visual representation.  

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article from Mélyi József about Mátrai Erik's exhibition in Dunaújváros: