Erik Mátrai


Venue: aqb Project Space, Budapest
Date: Nov 21 – Dec 31, 2020

The show surveys Mátrai's most recent paintings evolving around the motif of ellipse as something more than just a pure geometrical form as it evokes the movement of celestial bodies and the universe's mysticism. As a curve surrounding two focal points, ellipses stand as a symbol of the world with God and Man in its centres. Meanwhile, following many years of studies and intense immersion in one of the timeless topics of art, Mátrai examines color and their effects with each other, the notion of complementarity, the improvement of effects in relation of each other. Showing a deep engagement towards the physics and transcendental character of colors, Mátrai (b. 1977) continues to be in search of transitional and religious experiences that he has been overtly referring to in his installations, environments, paintintgs and sculptures.

In collaboration with Lőrinc Borsos

Curated by Áron fenyvesi (acb)

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