Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Oct 21 – Nov 23, 2005

Exhibiting artists: Zsombor Barakonyi, Rui Calcada Bastos (Portugal), Tibor Horváth, Tamás Komoróczky, Erik Mátrai, András Ravasz

The artworks by the six artists presented at the MEMO exhibition are quite different from each other.  Barakonyi paints on skateboards instead of canvases, and so he combines the design of the youth's subculture with the formal particularities that his works were known for in the last years.  Rui Calcada Bastos from Portugal links the boulevards of major European cities in order to create a personal, surreal place and story.  The large prints of tiny images by Tibor Horváth suggest a likeness to diaries, with the tales changing constantly.  Tamás Komoróczky's video installation is a collage of images and music.  Erik Mátrai creates intimate videos while staying loyal to the traditions of iconography.  András Ravasz exhibits moments and segments of the architectural and urban environment.

Each work deals with the immediate surrounding of the artist and was created based on personal impressions and memories.  Hence the title MEMO, which refers to the idea of recollection, reminders, memorials, the confirmation, re-living - and so deepening - of an experience.

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