Ágnes Előd

'Chip the glasses and crack the plates! That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!'

Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Mar 09 – Apr 20, 2007

Ágnes Előd is a DLA student of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and acquired her MA degree as a student of Tamás Körösényi. As an artist of acb Gallery she is regularly present at solo and group exhibitions.

Besides the sometimes monumental sculptures and statuettes, she often works with digital prints combines with installations as well. Her works are usually references to the visual language and rhetorics of mass media, but always preserve a peculiar, teasing, playful, or even ironic tone.

At this current exhibition, her works connect the myths and fairytales of our mediatized world in unexpected ways.

The present installation made up of prints and objects analyses the interferences of the Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter. Her starting point is the observation that the characters of the Lord of the Ring – which was written in the mid 20th century – became strong figures in our days' mythology as the little prince used to be. This may have been an important source of inspiration for the writer of the Harry Potter story as well.

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