Hajnalka Tarr

About the artist

Hajnalka Tarr (1977) graduated from the department of painting at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. She has been interested in the visual manifestation of reality since the beginnings of her artistic practice. Having emerged in the neo-conceptual environment of Hungary in the late nineties, Hajnalka Tarr’s sensual creative praxis merges intellectual distance with the claim of self-exposure. From her drawings, installations and photo-based works unfolds the fundamental desire for a tangible truth, which, in turn, is constantly confronted with the emotionally affected reality of the conscious mind. The comforting laws of physics are time and again overwritten by psychology, by the ever-changing private reality. Tarr’s works are mostly process based, the labour-intensive methods she uses are time consuming. By applying wide range of media – such as large-scale installations built from identical elements, glass mosaics and weaving – pieced, cut or glued together by hand is typical of Tarr’s often repetitive, meticulous technical solutions that also vividly capture the process of creation.

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