Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Apr 30 – Jun 11, 2010

The aim of the group exhibition presenting new works by László Karácsonyi, György Szász, and Hajnalka Tarr is to reposition their object-based installation art in the frame of a commercial gallery situation. The starting point of the artists’ objects is to reorganize the elements of our reality into a new artistic presence, which doesn’t carry any everyday functional purpose. Although, in order to play with the viewer's perception, the setting of some of the works may seem to be contextualized in a familiar room-, or flat-situation, rather in a space presenting contemporary art.  The exhibition is to be understood as a crazy biennale for small plastiques.  The large variety of mediums redefine the artists‘ relation to sculpture, let it be its quality or standards, and to space, in the works‘ site-specific feature.  All three artists, who are in their 30s, have used the medium of sculpture in their previous art practices.  In the case of György Szász the technical background is plausible, as he was educated as a sculptor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.  Besides her drawings and graphics, Hajnalka Tarr has created large-scale installations, such as an enormous wall constructed from paper clips, or her „Instant flock“which consisted of 1200 tiny lambs.

László Karácsonyi is known to include and embed to his oeuvre any kind of object he finds in his surrounding, regardless of its material or technique.  At the AC/BC show his large sculpture will be exhibited along with a maquette of space, lightboxes, paintings, and other, smaller sculptures.  Hajnalka Tarr presents her more intimate works in a form of a ready-made room, including a sofa as an object trouvé, big pages of coloring books, and a video. Besides statues made out of ytong bricks, György Szász will show an absurd structure of shelves, which represent his installations inspired by ironic humor of language.
The three artists met in Miskolc in 2009 where they participated in a workshop.  They exhibited there together, and so this current AC/BC show is a continuation of their artistic dialogue.  All three of them were participants of several different Hungarian contemporary art group exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Budapest or the Ernst Museum.  

Curator: Áron Fenyvesi


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