Mátyás Erményi

About the artist

The playfully figurative paintings of Mátyás Erményi are focusing on the individual reinterpretation of Eastern European object culture and visuality. His paintings show fragments of our living past from a child’s perspective, without seeking to evoke feelings of nostalgia. The artist's sometimes drawing-like compositions, incorporated into systems of lines, often draw on the world of comic books and cartoons. At the same time, the personified figures on Erményi's canvases embody the strangely ambivalent feelings of kindness and fear, cuteness and melancholy, which still count as the foundation stones of our collective socialization.

Mátyás Erményi (1992) graduated in 2017 from the Painting Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest. His works were included in the selection of the best graduates of Hungarian art academies, featured in the traveling exhibition Best of Diploma. He also received the Fundamenta-Amadeus Stipendium in his final year along with the Prize of Fondazione Paolina Brugnatelli, Milan. He has first shown his works in offspaces in Budapest and recently he has started to show works at group exhibitions in such venues as such as at acb Gallery, Budapest, MODEM, Debrecen.

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