Artissima 2019

Helyszín: Oval Lingotto, Torinó
Dátum: 2019. nov. 01 – 03.

At booth GRAY 16 acb shows the paintings of Endre Tót from 1988-1991.   We are looking forward to seeing you at the Back to tue Future section curated by Nicolas Trembley.   The section name Back to the Future is as appropriate as it can get in case of Tót’s presented works Tót created 30 years ago. They recite the visuals of lay-out structures of magazines, tabloids, newspapers with vibrant colors, geometric shapes that both are rigid and playful, patterns that are associated with the aesthetics of kitch, or rather, camp. Apart from their subtle relation to the looks of 80s industrial design (that of a Ferrari Testarossa, a Floppy-disk, a calculator, a remote controller etc.) they prophetically project the images of contemporary digitized world and the slow-loading websites and their glitch-effects where information is proceeded by the the backdrop of highlights and color-structures that accomodate, manipulate and direct our attention amidst the overload of information.  

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