Artissima 2018

Venue: Oval Lingotto, Torino
Date: Nov 01 – 04, 2018


Main Section | booth Fuxia 6

acb presents the works of artists, who, similarly to the trends of the international contemporary art scene, scrutinized and reevaluated the relationship of language and visuality in their intermedial works from the first half of the 1960s. Hungarian culture had traditionally been centered around literature, and in the background of the ‘60s neoavantgarde positions stood, in almost all cases, practices rooted in poetry. The demand and the need to communicate (a predominant character of this generation) brought the appearance of visual poetry, concrete poetry, sound poetry, which opposed narrativity and the modernist painting. The experimental poems and conceptual pieces by the period’s defining artists presented at our booth draw attention to a medium that requires a careful intellectual and sensitive approach.   

Artists: Gábor ALTORJAY | Attila CSERNIK | Károly HOPP-HALÁSZ | László KEREKES | Katalin LADIK | Ferenc NEMES | Tamás SZENTJÓBY | Endre TÓT | Árpád FENYVESI TÓTH 

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