Endre Tót


Venue: Modern Art Gallery, Veszprém
Date: Jun 29 – Oct 26, 2019

Curator: Orsolya Hegedüs (acb)

Endre Tót (1937, Sümeg) is one of the best-known Hungarian artists on the international scene, a Kossuth Prize winner and Munkácsy Prize winner, and an honorary citizen of Sümeg.

1959-1962: He studies at the Hungarian College of Applied Arts in the mural department.

1970-1971: He gives up painting. Years of radical changes are coming in his artistic life. Very early he tries out so-called "non-artistic" materials such as rubber stamps, telegraph or xerox. It was then that he made his artistic series with rubber stamps.

His works are exhibited at the Paris Biennale, Wroclaw, Geneva, Cologne, West Berlin, New York.

1978-1979: DAAD scholarship in West Berlin. Since 1978 he lives and works in Germany, since 1980 in Cologne. In 1987 he returns to painting.

Since 1989 his works have been shown in Hungary in solo and group exhibitions, most recently in Budapest and Veszprém at the two IPARTERV exhibitions Iparterv+ and Iparterv 68-80.

His works can be found in important collections in Europe, the United States and South America.

The current exhibition in Veszprém is a mini retrospective of Endre Tót's extremely consistent and rich oeuvre with works created between 1971-2006. We are pleased to present the works of this internationally renowned master born in Veszprém County.

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