Pop, stuff, etc.

Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Jan 19 – Mar 02, 2007

Curators' statement:
During the curatorial process, we sought the answers to such questions as: in which ways do the objects that make up one’s environment interfere with the creative work of the artists?  

Which roles do objects coming from everyday reality play in the artistic context? Are they built-in directly, physically, or is their presence an abstract one? Does their presence involve a critical attitude towards the present culture of consummation? 

Besides these, our main aim was to give an opportunity to little-known young artists or non-artist creative young people to try their luck on the contemporary art market.   

Another special feature of the exhibition is the medial variety. The visitors will encounter paintings, sculptures, environments, robots, installations, artistic videos, and fashion photographs in the exhibition spaces. 

Curators: Noémi Nádudvari and Ágnes Sebestyén 

Exhibiting artists: Bertalan Babos, Róbert Batykó, Dj Fix, Zsófia Fáskerti, Csongor Gergő Horváth, Je suis belle, László Karácsonyi, Ádám Kokesch, Tamás Kovács & Gábor Pintér, Péter Halász, Nikon, Ábel Péterfy, Ágnes Verebics 

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