Márton Nemes

Look into the Sun with your Eyes Closed

Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Mar 11 – Apr 14, 2022
Opening: Mar 10, 2022, 18:00

Márton Nemes (b. 1986, Székesfehérvár, Hungary) creates multimedia works with bright colors and contrasting shapes. 

In his first solo exhibition Look into the Sun With Your Eyes Closed at Gallery acb in Budapest, the London-based artist presents new works. These fill the gallery space especially through the combination of painting, sculpture and a sound-light-air wave installation. In his artworks, the artist takes up an abstract mixture of different color variations, color applications and shapes. His color palette consists of gaudy, bright variegated colors. They appear like neon tones, which the artist elaborates with aesthetic color gradients. This coloring is reminiscent of digital surfaces and advertising. The objects are never clearly geometrically shaped. Márton Nemes plays with the view through the artwork and by cutting surfaces opens the view to another level in the picture. The picture fragments are executed in different colors and forms and thus develop a unique dynamic in the space. Gestural splashes of color, which tie in with the Informal, run across small areas in the picture. They evoke images and light situations from clubs. A musical rhythm seems to manifest itself visually in the work. However the tension of these works is especially the connection of gentle color gradients in the art historical tradition of Mark Rothko, the Shaped canvas after Frank Stella and the cut open surfaces in the picture after Lucio Fontana. Márton Nemes successfully develops a new visual language in combining wall and sculptural works in space with a 21st century color palette. - Wilko Austermann

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