Gábor Fülöp

Solo exhibition

Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Dec 11 2009 – Jan 22, 2010

Gábor Fülöp uses traditional methods when sculpting wood, but applies his own interpretation of the limits and possibilities of this genre.  Despite his young age, the artist has developed the unique and characteristic means that allow him to prove his strong technical skills when dealing with complicated sculptural issues.  Mass, space and the obstacles of positive and negative form play an emphasized role, and so does surface, which reflects the complex relationship between the external sight and the internal content.  Chiseled, intricate, organic surfaces are favored by the artist, either on their own, or opposite to smooth exteriors.
Organic forms and the human body are both – among others – a frequent subject in Fülöp’s works. 
In 2009 Fülöp received the KOGART-award, which is given yearly to a recently graduated young artist based on the decision of a professional jury and the audience’s preference.
At the acb Gallery he is exhibiting three sculptures, all three life-sized human figures.  The setting of these bodies refers to the traditional ancient Egyptian and Greek representation of man, which assigns monumental impact to the sculptures.
The three different, but all impressively carved surfaces work as a counter-effect:  the organic-like surface, or rather the wood as a material – instead of reminiscence – calls forth the living, moving, evolving as the main characteristics of the sculptures.
One of the exhibited works pushes the limits of execution of carved sculptures – the standing male figure has only its surface, an organic, mesh-like external shell, but the inside is empty, the sculpture is see-through. 
The new series of Gábor Fülöp – similarly to his older works – was influenced by the re-thinking the role and possibilities of sculpture, more precisely wood carving, in the contemporary art scene, while not turning away from the traditions of the genre. 

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