Róbert Batykó


Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Jun 15 – Jul 28, 2007

In spite of his age, the 26-year-old Róbert Batykó was just awarded the Strabag price in 2007. He graduated as a painter last year from the University of Fine Arts in Budapest Hungary. His work was already presented at several Hungarian (Plug 2006) and international (Arte Fiera, Bologna) art events.

His choice of themes is quite simple: he usually depicts objects or signs of his immediate milieu.mTaking these out of their context, he sometimes enhances them, sometimes multiplicates them, or even distorts them. He uses few colors and shows the chosen objects against a monochrome background. The precisely built photorealistic, smooth surface is often mixed with rough layers of thick paint, which creates an ambivalence that attracts the viewer's attention.

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