Róbert Batykó


Venue: acb Attachment
Date: Jan 17 – Feb 20, 2014

Róbert Batykó’s exhibition entitled "Close-up" presents his works produced during the year and a half he spent in the Netherlands, thereby also introducing viewers to a new side of the artist. In his latest works, Batykó analyzes the ephemerality of objects disintegrating into waste, while utilizing a mode of representation reflective of a certain quality of light characteristic to the Netherlands. In his oil paintings, diffused light appears as a concrete element of painting, and lends these works an air of immateriality – almost spirituality.   

The temporality and continuous transformation of the object world, as well as the resulting melancholy, also manifest in the form of two media thus far unusual for Batykó. His photos taken on Amsterdam’s narrow, winding streets offer a fascinating artistic twist in revealing the inspirational source for his oil paintings. In his small ink drawings, objects that have lost their function and objectual nature are revived: tiny gismos, along with pieces of fuzz and debris, come to life as fairytale-like object portraits in an inextricable tangle of stories.

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