Gábor Altorjay


1946, Budapest

Lives and works in Hamburg



2000 - reactivates himself as an artist, organises theatrical events in Hamburg, gives lectures at The Hungarian University of Fine Arts and at ELTE Doctoral School

1986 - translates the writings of Béla Hamvas to German, his translations are constantly published on the internet writes a book entitled Actual Legends about the history of Western and Hungarian avantgarde

1980s - makes parabolic avantgarde movies for the German television with the participation of Péter Halász, Tamás Szentjóby, Sheryll Sutton, he shoots his films in Germany, Israel, Hungary and in the USA

1979 - shoots films, screenwriter, director

1973-79 - Frankfurt, founder of an independent news agency

1969-1980 - works at a radio station in Germany, he composes and directs radio dramas

1966 - emigrates to Cologne, he is the assistant of Wolf Vostell
          - organiser of the first Hungarian neo-avantgarde happening, he creates a journal of dadaist character, under the name of Laura he publishes several papers in limited edition

1965 - co-founder of Buta Költők Köre

End of the 1960s - member of early avantgarde movements, writes free verses



1971-73  Theatrology, University of Cologne

1968-71  Sociology, University of Cologne

1965-67  Theological Academy, Budapest



2017   Körözött művek, Artpool, Budapest

2015   Welt ohne Herz, acb Gallery, Budapest

1998   Hungarian Neo-avantgarde, Kunsthalle, Szombathely

1973   HappeningFlux, Kunsthalle, Cologne

1969   Kombinat 1, Cologne 1966: The lunch, Happening in Memorian Batu, Budapest     

1968  Galerie Senatore, Stuttgart
            5 Tage Renne, Cologne
            Vom Vollege zu Decollage, Kunsthalle, Nürnberg
            4th Sunday of the Advent – Erdély’s coal-cellar, Budapest

1966  Az ebéd, Happening in Memoriam Batu, Budapest



2018    Bookmarks - Revisiting Hungarian Art of the 1960s and 1970s, The Vinyl Factory Soho, London

2017  The Way They See. An Overview of Hungarian Photography, National Museum, Warsaw, Poland

           VIDEO: then and now - The C3 video collection, Magma Contemporary Art Space, SF. Gheorghe, Romania



1997   Special Award of the Hungarian Film Week

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Zombori Mónika: Az első könyv az első magyarországi happeningről [folyóiratcikk] / Zombori Mónika

Altorjay Gábor: Az ebéd (in memoriam Batu kán) : az első magyarországi happening = The lunch (in memoriam Batu khan) : the first happening in Hungary. Budapest : Tranzit, 2011. Artmagazin, 10. évf. 2012. 4. (52. szám) p. 66-69.