Igor and Ivan Buharov: Everything Included

2014.09.12 - 10.22.

Igor and Ivan Buharov


acb Gallery, 12 September - 22 October 2014



Igor and Ivan Buharov present their first solo exhibition at the acb Gallery. The artist duo have been creating experimental artwork in the frontiers between visual art and film since 1995. Their surreal short films, with their unique atmosphere and grotesque visual world, convey today’s Eastern European reality mixed with philosophical and transcendent ideals, as well as necro-realistic humour. Their short and feature films – shot with analogue filmmaking technique and, mostly, amateur actors – have been shown at numerous international film festivals and exhibitions, including the Manifesta 8 biennial. 


Their exhibition entitled Everything Included, has been inspired by necro-realism, crypto-anarchism and the idealism of McKenzie Wark’s A Hacker Manifesto, among others. In the featured multi-media installation, motion picture once again has a central role. Objects are placed next to the fragment-like short films, which are presented in the exhibition space in a diverse manner: some are shown on monitors, while others are projected on the wall, or on displayed objects.  In this exhibition, which has been put together in an assemblage-like fashion from multi-channel motion pictures and the environments created around them, the medial limits of film are expanded through the tools of visual arts.





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