Viennacontemporary 2019

Helyszín: Marx Halle, Bécs
Dátum: 2019. szept. 26 – 29.

acb presents a selection of works by Hungarian artists from multiple generations at booth A24 / B25 at Viennacontemporary.   The presentation focuses on geometrical tendencies in postwar abstraction and on its multifaceted interpretations by artist working with diverse media such as painting, graphics, woodwork relief, enamel painting and sculpture. The works by Tibor Csiky (1932-1989), Agnes Denes (b. 1931), Árpád fenyvesi Tóth (1950-2014), Tamás Hencze (1938-2018), Károly Hopp-Halász (1946-2016), Ferenc Nemes (b. 1949) and Péter Szalay (b. 1981) that often deal with scientific or mathemathical thought in structuralist or minimalist manner will be complemented by the works of Gábor Bachman, who represented Hungary at 6th Architectural Biennale in Venice with his grandiose project 'The Architecture of Nothing'. 

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