TAVATE: levitation video. Ágnes Eperjesi - Tibor Várnagy in conversation with Luca Adamik

Our latest video interview about our "TAVATE: levitation exhibition" debuts on acb Media! The exhibiting artists, Ágnes Eperjesi and Tibor Várnagy are in conversation with curator Luca Adamik as they walk through the acb Attachment space. We welcome all visitors to our exhibitions until 14 June. Ágnes Eperjesi and Tibor Várnagy collaborated between 1991 and 1994, forming a joint artistic identity known as TAVATE, a blend of the first letters of their names (Tibor-Ágnes Várnagy and Ágnes-Tibor Eperjesi). This period coincided with significant political, cultural, and social transformations following the regime change, prompting the duo to explore the nuances of analogue photographic techniques.