Viennacontemporary 2023

Venue: Kursalon Vienna, Vienna
Date: Sep 07 – 10, 2023

acb Gallery | booth B12

acb Gallery presents a selection of works of Sári Ember (1985, São Paulo, Brazil, lives and works in Budapest) at viennacontemporary 2023. Her artistic practice revolves around the nature of representation by creating complex installations. She cites forms from a large variety of references, and uses the narrative capacity of constellations of objects made from marble, silk, paper collages and ceramics. Through the symbolic values of the noble materials and the archetypical, semi-abstract motif-set, she seeks to explore common experiences..

On the occasion of viennacontemporary 2023 the artist arranges a selection of marble and ceramic pieces in front of a hand dyed silk “background” alongside with a series of collages. Ember’s interest in creating and presenting objects implies a complex approach by merging natural scientific display of archaeological discoveries with the representation practices of contemporary art in the neo-renaissance architectural environment of the fair.

Departing from the intimate character of the medium of photography, Ember has expanded her artistic practice across various media which having rich cultural-historical references. She works with materials like stone, ceramics and textile that have a strong symbolic value: these media have been used throughout several generations or even eras during which their significance and usage have also changed, and partly remained. These objects are bearing the reminiscence of classical genres like portrait or pottery arranged in a still life-like setting, oscillating between the intimate private and the collective domain of public spaces. By giving archetypical forms to these common, often noble materials, the artist evokes practices of cultural memory thus pointing out fundamental human experiences, carrying the inseparable unity of private and collective aspects.

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