Art Basel OVR: Pioneers 2021

Venue: Online, Art Basel
Date: Mar 24 – 27, 2021

acb is delighted to announce our participation in OVR: Pioneers, Art Basel’s Online Viewing Rooms dedicated to artists who have broken new ground in terms of their aesthetics, conceptual approach, socio-political frameworks, or their use of specific mediums. Our Viewing Room will feature Agnes Denes.

Agnes Denes (1931, Budapest) is a Hungarian-born American artist based in New York. In her protean artistic practice unfolding since the 1960s, she has been embracing philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, history, sociology, poetry and music, closely intertwining science and art in a subtle mystery of knowledge. Considered as visionary, her visual investigations and formulations range from writings, drawings – which she kept as one of the principal means of expression despite the conceptual character of her art – and sculpture to environmental actions, performances and installations. The interdisciplinary character of her practice, (re)introduced to the European public with her first large-scale retrospective hosted by Ludwig Museum Budapest in 2008-2009, received a renewed focus in her solo exhibition in acb Gallery in 2018. The presentation encompassing works of major relevance at Art Basel OVR: Pioneers comes one year after Denes' grandiose retrospective exhibition at The Shed, New York (2019-2020) that not just looked back at her trailblazing 50 years of work but also showed the perspectives of its relevance and pertinence in our troubled 21th century.

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