Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Aug 14 – Sep 05, 2003

The works by the artists of acb gallery represent a wide range of contemporary art in Hungary. Zoltán Ádám's figurative canvases, András Braun's abstract paintings, Attila Csörgő's photos and kinetic sculptures, Ágnes Előd's small sculptures and Tamás Komoróczky's, Hajnal Németh's, Péter Szarka's and Gyula Várnai's prints are well-known for the Hungarian public. The majority of the works presented in the show are exhibited for the very first time.

Sponsors and partners: Írókéz Kft., Irokéz Collection, In Vino Veritas, Frutta Elettronica, Műcsarnok Bistro, Timp Kft.