Precisely That!

Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Mar 07 – Apr 12, 2008

At the Precisely That! exhibition, which is part of the LOW Dutch-Flemish cultural festival, the acb Gallery is proud to present two Dutch artists, Jurriaan Molenaar and Han Schuil.  Both artists live and work in Amsterdam. 

Jurriaan Molenaar (1968) has a unique, astonishing approach when depicting simple architectural structures.  His everyday buildings, malls, industrial sites, banks, and offices are all vacant as if he chose to capture their ambiance after opening hours.  The viewer is the only one present in these spaces that could very well be anywhere, although they may not even exist.  The clear walls, dead windows, half-open doors, and the infinite mazes create an abstract world, which is described as „spiritual reality” by the artist.  Louring, moderate colors, powerful space-effect, and razor-sharp lines are typical of his paintings.

Jurriaan Molenaar has had two exhibitions at the acb Gallery in Budapest.  In 2004 the ‘4 Dutch artists’ show was a co-production with the Tanya Rumpff Gallery from Holland.  After the successful exhibition, Molenaar was invited to a 4-month-long residency program by the acb Gallery, and his works created during this time were presented in 2006 (Windows exhibition).  The acb Gallery has represented Molenaar’s works at several exhibitions and art fairs, for example in 2008 at the Arte Fiera Bologna.  

The art of Han Schuil (1958) is best described by a quote from the artist himself: „I want my works to be as unambiguous as traffic signs, and as intensive as the paintings by the Flemish Primitives.”  At the acb Gallery Schuil presents new works, that he painted on formatted aluminum plates with glaze used to dye automobiles.  He finds the industrial character of these works especially important.  

Schuil, similarly to Molenaar, uses geometrical forms frequently.  He usually includes well-known signs and objects and combines real and abstract elements into a loosely structured composition.

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