Hajnal Németh


Venue: acb Gallery
Date: May 16 – Jun 06, 2003

Hajnal Németh (1972) graduated in 2000 from the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, she lives and works in Berlin. Her most important solo shows were:  Move the Spirit from A to Z, Trafó Galéria, Budapestand Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2002),  Bye-bye Happiness, Hello Loneliness, Vintage Galéria, Budapest (2001), Bye-bye Innocence, MEO Contemporary Art Collection, Budapest (2001), Videos, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, EY EY, U.F.F. Galéria, Budapest (1999). Her works were exhibited at several major shows in Dortmund, Rotterdam, Luxemburg, London, Vienna, as well as in Budapest and Dunaújváros, Hungary.

Hajnal Németh studied photography and from the mid-nineties, she became interested in generating digital images. Her works subsist upon pop culture and the elements of pop design characteristic of her generation. Her images refer to different musical styles and to music videos, to trends of dressing and lifestyle. She realizes traditional panel picture format in the form of digital prints (c-prints), and at the same time, she produces video installations and wall-papers. Németh’s videos are like ironic and/or bizarre music videos with strict rhythm. In these pieces, she also makes the most of acoustic and visual effects. Her wall-papers are unique mosaic-like artwork composed of details from body parts, clothes, and unidentifiable fragments of images.

In StereoHeart, her current exhibition in acb gallery Németh presents digital prints in panel picture format, a video installation, an acoustic installation, and different wall-papers. The chief character of the prints is a creature called Robotbuddha. We can see at the show three episodes from its enigmatic story.

The video installation is based on the "human beatbox"  performance of two german artists ("human beatbox" is a live music performance in which the performers produce with their own mouths sequences imitating the sound of drum effects). The performers of the video are presenting a show at the party in the Műcsarnok Bistro after the opening event.

The exhibition and the acb gallery are supported by: Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Fufoofilm, Ludwig Museum - Museum for Contemporary Art Budapest, Inter-Európa Bank, In Vino Veritas, Irokéz Collection, Frutta Elettronica, TIMP Nyomda, Műcsarnok Bistro

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