András Braun


Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Apr 18 – May 10, 2003

András Braun's art shows extraordinary coherence of personal style. Braun paints abstract surfaces, each of which is structured by a pattern. The pattern (squares, a spiral, concentric circles) forms one or more rasters which are made up of negative and positive, red and yellow spots. These regular systems cover or reveal one another. On some of his works, Braun applies fragments of giant posters: due to printing technology these are abstract, raster-like surfaces when seen at close range. Watching Brauns paintings is a particularly intense visual experience: while the eyes scanning the surface wander among the different systems, the layers of the raster seem to move, their order seems to alter, the entire surface gives the impression of movement. Thus the basic characteristic of the pictures is dynamism.

The acb contemporary art gallery is proud to exhibit Andras Braun's new series of paintings in April and May 2003. The new paintings represent the reverse of well-known paintings (e.g. Jasper John's Target). Braun shows the wooden frame, the stays of the frame, and the raster of the canvas. The pattern of this raster is a square, a combination of horizontal and vertical systems. In Braun's new pictures the pattern consists of thin elements. As in the case of his previous paintings watching these works is a very visual experience: the pictures appear as never stopping, vibrant surfaces.

Supporters ans sponsors: Inter-Európa Bank, In Vino Veritas, Irokéz Gyűjtemény, Frutta Elettronica, TIMP Nyomda, Műcsarnok Bistro

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