András Braun

Eye for eye, hour for hour

Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Apr 18 – May 24, 2008

The 42 years old painter developed a peculiar, unmistakable style in the middle of the 90s. His non-representational paintings are made up of vibrating geometrical elements and structures of saturated colors. One has part of an intense visual experience while looking at a painting by Braun.

The new series, presented at the exhibition called Eye for eye, hour for hour is based on a concept developed in his earlier works. Nevertheless this time he inserts papercuts of printed patterns into the surface of his works made in acrylic on canvas. His colors have also become lighter and more transparent lately.

The works of András Braun can be seen as experiments aiming at the renewal of the visual language of abstract painting.

Beginning with 2003 acb Gallery showed a new series by András Braun every year: Verso in 2003, HU.GO in 2004, Follow me in 2005, az Self-starter in 2006, and Cronos and co. in  2007.

The paintings by András Braun can be found in the collections of the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Dunaújváros (Hungary), and the Gallery of Fine Art in Szombathely (Hungary). He was awarded the prize of the Ludwig Foundation in 1995 and that of the Hungarian Asphalt Company in 1999. His works can be found in several private collections in Hungary and abroad.

The artist is represented by acb Gallery since 2003.

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