4 Dutch Artists

Venue: acb Gallery
Date: Oct 08 – Nov 05, 2004

A professional contact has been existing since December 2003 between Galerie Tanya Rumpff in Haarlem and acb Contemporary Art Gallery, Budapest. Within the framework of Hongarije aan Zee Cultural Season in October 2004 the acb Gallery exhibits artworks from the Tanya Rumpff Gallery by Jurriaan Molenaar, Gerard Polhuis, Emo Verkerk, and Koen Vermeule, all well-known and recognized visual artists in The Netherlands and Europe.  Galerie Tanya Rumpff presents an exhibition entitled "4 Hungarian Artists": Attila Csorgo, Agnes Elod, Peter Szarka, and Attila Szucs, all from the cutting edge of contemporary art in Hungary.  On one hand, the project offers a possibility to introduce Dutch artists to a different culture where they are not known - obviously, the project carries a cultural mission. Therefore this project can serve as the first step on a longer collaboration between Dutch and Hungarian galleries, which, on the other hand, might lead to commercial results in a long run.

Exhibiting artists: Jurriaan Molenaar, Gerard Polhuis, Emo Verkerk, and Koen Vermeule

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