Margit Szilvitzky’s (1931-2018) name has become inseparable from the breakthrough of Hungarian fibre art and its heyday in the seventies. Artists working in this area regarded textile as a primary, autonomous medium, and – in parallel to its emancipation from the applied arts – they addressed contemporary issues and questions arising in international art discourse. As of the 1970s, operating outside the traditional categories of high art and on the periphery of political attention, the Szombathely Biennials offered an institutional framework for experimental approaches to textile/fibre art. In addition to Gábor Attalai and Zsuzsa Szenes, Szilvitzky was also among the artists who participated in the story of the ‘new textile’ movement not only as a regular and prominent exhibitor, but also as a shaper of key events.
The exhibition entitled Finding the Square, now presented at acb Attachment, showcases a selection of Margit Szilvitzky’s textile works from the seventies. 
acb Attachment
15 April - 21 May 2021
The show is presented by Kata Balázs art historian, acb ResearchLab



The Other Way Around is the first solo exhibition of Ágnes Eperjesi at the acb Gallery. She has been making the now presented colour photogram series since 2013, continuing her earlier works based on the colour relations. Photogram as a medium is especially important to Eperjesi. She extends the paradigmatic role of the “direct print” in art to light as well, thereby including the medium of photogram among the sphere of anachronistic (at once archaic and current) prints, to use Georges Didi-Huberman’s term. In the case of photogram, the contact with light results in darkening, and the absence of light appears as a positive form – moreover, not only the tones, but also the colours yield their complementary pairs at the end of the process: everything is seen as the inverse of normal, putting our quotidian experience to the test. This is what the exhibition’s title refers to.
15 April - 21 May 2021
acb Gallery
The video is narrated by the artist



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