Klara Kuchta


Born in Rožňava, Slovakia, 1941
Lives and works in Geneva


Klára Kuchta studied at the textile department of the University of Applied Arts in Budapest. After her graduation in 1968, the plasticity and three-dimensional potential of the sisal, the vegetal fibre she used for her large-format hangings or mural woven pieces, became central to her visual investigations. Kuchta took an active part in the formal renewal of textile art in the late sixties in Hungary, which allowed the medium to outgrow its traditionally decorative reception and to become a channel of abstract artistic expression that silently opposed the socialist realistic style propagated and favoured by the Hungarian aesthetical ideologies. Following her move to Geneva, Switzerland in 1971, she gained international recognition at the Biennale de la Tapisserie de Lausanne where she exhibited along with Denise Emery, Magdalena Abakamowicz and Jagoda Buic.Her practice took a conceptual turn in 1974 when she formulated her socio-economic Art Manifesto and initiated a ten-year cycle dedicated to the historical, cultural, gender-based, social and economic aspects of hair. Using it first as a raw material for woven pieces and paintings that marked the transition between her textile works and her conceptual period, Klára Kuchta gradually moved towards a socially critical approach of the hair through photo series, performances and video pieces, which also positioned her a pioneer of video art in Switzerland. Subsequently to this cycle, she started concentrating on light, shadow and reflection in mirrors – an item she used in her performances and videos as well –, a process of disembodiment in which she dissolved all traces of her physical presence and shifted her focus towards arts and science.




International Kepes Society (Société International de Kepes), Light Symposium

Folyamat Társaság


Magyar Festők Társasága


Nemzetközi KárpitMűvészek Egyesülete



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        Genéve, Galerie Faust

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1978 Bruxelles, Galerie Isy Brachot

1975 Genéve, Palais de l'Athénée 

1972 Genéve, Palais de l'Athénée





2018    Bookmarks - Revisiting Hungarian Art of the 1960s and 1970s, The Vinyl Factory Soho, London


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          the Geneva Cantonal Contemporary Art Fund (FCAC)

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